Tips To Avoid Dry Hair This Winter

  • Posted on December 1, 2010 at 4:55 pm

1. First we need to wear our hair in protective styles which protects it from the winter elements, e.g. indoor heating which is great at pulling the moisture out of your skin and hair or the ice cold wind blowing through and causing dry brittle strands. The easiest protective style is a simple bun. You don’t need a degree to put your hair up and tuck your ends away to protect them. You can also get cute accessories to decorate it the way you want to.

2. Before we style our hair, take the opportunity to apply some nourishing oil, moisturiser or hair butter to give your hair a great treatment at the same time. Try Jessicurl Oil Blend for Softer Hair. It does wonders for softening dry, parched hair and can be used with heat as a hot oil treatment, on wet hair as a leave in moisturizer, or on dry hair to help calm frizzies.

3. Water is the No. 1 moisturiser for any hair type but who has time to run around with a wet head when the chill is on? Grab a Curlease Towel and never leave your house with sopping wet hair again!

4. If you are at college or work all day long, during coffee/ lunch breaks use a moisture spray to give your curls a nice refreshing mist. This can protect your hair throughout the day without having to touch your curls.

5. Step up your protein treatments if you have fine textures and for thicker hair types increase the moisture treatments on your hair.

If you don’t have the length to do protective styles this winter. Follow the same cares tips and ensure you keep your hair covered either with a silk lined beret while outdoors and indoors just keep adding your moisturiser of choice to keep your curls moist and supple. The weather is changing but all it takes is a few adjustments to your curl routine. Don’t let it stop you from wearing your curls with pride!

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