Healthy Habits = Healthy Curls

  • Posted on December 7, 2010 at 4:42 am

The way your body feels will undoubtedly affect the condition of your hair. Certain factors like lack of sleep, not enough exercise and poor diet will cause your hair and body to look older and aged more than they actually are. These factors, if not addressed, can even have long-term health consequences. If you are looking to improve your lifestyle, but aren’t sure you have enough time to make a big difference, there are many positive habits that will help a busy person like you.  

First, there is the issue of poor diet. In our busy lives, it is easy to eat on the go. However, for the most part, the easiest meals are often the unhealthiest. Next time you go grocery shopping, pay close attention to what you are buying. It is proven that there is significantly less nutrition contained in frozen meals. That means that your hair and skin will not be nourished and will consequently take on a dull appearance. Make sure half of your cart is filled with fresh foods. Lots of fruits and veggies will give your body a nutritional boost and keep fatigue at bay. Buying fresh will also encourage you to prepare meals from scratch with fresh, healthy ingredients. In addition to fresh foods, your hair and skin can most certainly benefit from dietary supplements like Vitamin B and E. Simply adding a multivitamin can drastically raise the amount of nutrition your body will absorb. When you start improving your diet, the life will return to your body and your curls.

A healthy diet is not the only way to bring vitality back to your curls. You can also begin an exercise regimen to help your body defeat the effects of stress and anxiety in your everyday life. Doing something simple like taking a brisk walk in the morning or completing a yoga routine upon waking is often times all it takes to get your health back on track. It has been proven that the appearance of hair and skin can be improved by losing weight. Obesity can deplete your body’s ability to absorb nutrition essential to overall well-being.

 If you’re looking for reasons as to why your hair, skin and body are looking less than perfect, the answer might be to improve your diet and exercise regimen. All it takes is several small changes to improve your overall health and vitality. When you are healthier, your curls will reflect that health. You will be able to spend less time and money at the salon getting treatments to cover the problem rather than fix the underlying issues, and more time loving life and your curls and coils.

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