Dress up your hair for the holidays!

  • Posted on December 14, 2010 at 6:05 pm

Hair accessory is not something that should be added to any hairstyle. One must use it wisely and know when and how to use it to set off your beautiful look. There are some occasions that need hair accessories to brighten up that event such as work, social outings and formal events.

There are many hair accessories you can purchase, and different events will call for different hair accessories. So here is a quick guide to help you find the appropriate hair accessory for the occasion.

Work- in most circumstances hair will have to be worn up. Don’t wear banana clips to pull your hair back, this will make you look outdated and although will do the job, will not look chic and sophisticated. Choose hair accessories that are close to your hair color. Work hair accessories should add a little to your hairstyle, without make it the focus of your outfit.

Social and formal occasions- these occasions allows you to express your artistic side and experiment with colour. Classy, simple pieces can be perfect for social outings and can enhance the hairstyle. Simple headbands made from lace are perfect accessories that are not too over the top.

For formal events you can try matching your headpiece or accessory to your clothing. Don’t go overboard; make sure the piece is not the focus of your entire ensemble. The hair accessory should attract observers to the beauty of the hair, rather than the accessory itself. If you are unsure of which to go for, remember to use as little as possible.

The bottom line for hair accessories is that you should not add too much. If the hair accessory becomes the focus then you have added too much. Remember to keep it simple and the hair accessory will make a bold beauty statement.

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